Sunday, November 28, 2010

I found peace with my nose:)

This may sound funny, but I found peace with my nose. My unique Roman Italian nose, which my brother often swipes his finger across pretending an imaginary skier has taken flight off a bump or (slope) into the air. That bump caused me to part my bangs a certain way to disguise it, or I would try to make my eyes look more dramatic so my nose looked less dramatic. In pictures I would always be sure to look right at the camera to make sure no sign of my bump could be seen, so you get the picture I hated my nose. 

So this past summer I went to a Beth Moore seminar and low and behold she had the same issue with her nose! Except she would try to distract the attention away from her nose by making her hair BIG, if you know Beth Moore than you probably know what I’m talking about. I was just amazed that she was announcing that she didn’t like her nose on a simulcast in front of hundreds of people. As if that was not enough she then stated that she had started to like the dang thing!! Now that took some guts, she was accepting her insecurities, she owned her insecurities and better yet she was beginning to be okay with them.

The cool part (yes there is a cool part)about our insecurities is that God can handle them. My past mistakes may try to keep me backed down in a corner but those regrets can’t claim my security in His love for me or you. Another cool thing (yes another!) that I have found  in my flaws is that they can actually be turned into something valuable. For example with my own insecurities I have found compassion in my heart- to take the plank out of my own eye before I criticize someone else. I have also learned to be more forgiving when someone says or does something that hurts, I can forgive because in other peoples insecurities I see myself and I’m reminded of how many times I have asked to be made new and be forgiven.

Recently I heard Dr.Lehman say that perfectionism is a slow death, it’s a bold yet true statement. We strive to be perfect but perfection in this life is not attainable. So why not delight in our insecurities and think of them as something we can improve instead of perfect. Something we can maybe even start to like a little bit because it keeps us grounded, compassionate, and uniquely His! As I mentioned earlier I found peace with my nose, the other day I took a picture and it was smack dab the center of attention and for the first time I saw some beauty in it and even started to like the dang thing!

Perhaps when we are insecure those are the times that God is working in our hearts the most because in those moments of fragility we are the most vulnerable. We are hoping to be cherished, beautiful, smart, successful, and to be loved. If you find yourself at a breaking point with security hold onto this truth -God makes all things beautiful in His time! Sometimes I just say it over and over and I believe it too.

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