Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something Light Hearted

My last couple posts have been a little serious so I thought I would lighten it up with this bird story! Enjoy:)

I got my son one of those balancing birds, you can put it on a TV, put it on a pen, put it on your finger tip and it balances-like magic! He loves it, it’s like a little trick to show his friends. So today the amazing balancing bird breaks, its wing chipped and the magic magnetic device is missing in action; of course something this disheartening only happens at the most inconvenient times like when I’m driving Jalen to the bus stop. In an instant his whole demeanor changes and the once peaceful ride turns into a full blown crying episode. So we get to the bus stop and low and behold the bus is already there about to leave. So I swerve in front of the bus (as any working mom would do;) and I scream to Jalen “The bus is here (as if he couldn’t see himself) get out of the car quick!” So he proceeds to slowly get his backpack from the car; so I get out and open his door thinking that I would speed up the process. As I’m opening the door I notice that the car is rolling forward! The blubbering mess I was forgot to put the car into park. So I jump back into the car put it in the park just in time to see Jalen smiling a little smile that blatantly said-MY MOM IS CRAZY!-I look over at the bus driver and sheepishly wave my hand in hopes that she is a forgiving soul and would see that I’m not a loon! As the bus rolled away Jalen peered out the window and sweetly waved; it seemed as if he could see the weight of frustration on my heart and wanted to reassure me that he loves me despite what a mess I was this morning. It was the best part of my day. That one tiny moment my hectic morning became okay again; I could actually laugh at myself and all that just had happened.

Today I’m thankful for hectic moments and that sometimes we can take a little joy and even a funny story away from them. We can get cranky and disgruntle and let it take our joy away or we could share a laugh with someone and sort of enjoy our imperfections. Today I choose to share my imperfections and hope someone else can get a chuckle over something that started with a stinking balancing bird;).

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